Disclaimer Second Opinion Service


The physicians of the Oncology Center Vienna „Praxis Margareten“  can provide second opinions upon request. These services are different from the diagnostic services typically provided by a physician. This is because the physicians providing this service will not have the benefit of information that would be obtained by examining the patient in person and observing his/her physical condition. Therefore, the physician may not be aware of facts or information that would affect the physician´s medical opinion oft he patient´s condition. In some cases, the facts may be critical tot he opinion.

To reduce the risk to the patient of this limitation, we strongly encourage patients to discuss second opinions with their personal or primary care phsician(s). By deciding to engage this service, you acknowledge that you are aware of this limitation and agree to solely assume the risk of this limitation.

By requesting a remote second opinion, you acknowledge and agree that:

–        the opinion that you will receive is limited and provisional, and for informational purposes only;

–        the second opinion is a remote consultation not intended to replace a full medical evaluation or a face-to-face visit with a physician;

–        the physician does not have important information that is usually obtained through a hands on physical examination; and

–        the absence of a hands-on examination may affect the physician´s ability to fully provide information regarding your condition, disease, or injury.

By engaging the Oncology Center Vienna „Praxis Margareten“ second opinion services, you acknowledge and agree to solely assume the risk of these limitations. You further understand that no warranty or guarantee has been made to you concerning any particular result or cure of your condition.